IPO in Europe just before Brexit

Despite lengthy and not always effective negotiations, the scenario of the UK's future withdrawal from the European Union is still incomprehensible to anyone, including the authorities of the United Kingdom itself and European officials. For today only one thing is clear - Brexit will definitely take place. But it is unknown when and on what terms it will happen.

European financial markets are already accustomed to exist in conditions created by officials of uncertainty, and even learned how to operate effectively. So, the London stock exchange took a confident third place in terms of attracted investments, and, according to forecasts of analysts of Five Winds Asset Management fund, in the second half of the year has every chance of further growth.

It is noteworthy that even after the elections in the UK, investors are still fairly confident in the future of British companies, which can explain why London is still active in the IPO. The ability of companies to adapt to uncertainty and changing situations will be vital to their success in present time. Our research also shows that British companies need to clarify and publicize their cyber security strategies so that investors continue to trust them, especially given recent cyber-attacks in the UK and other countries.

In general, experts of Five Winds Asset Management fund do not currently see significant threats to the financial stability of both the UK and the European Union as a whole.

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