2017 shows considerable growth of IPO market

According to forecasts of Five Winds Asset Management fund, 2017 will become more successful for global IPO market than the previous year. Results of the first two quarters allow us to declare that both number of sessions of initial public offerings and total amount of invited investments have increased. 

Reason for improvement of markets condition was recovery of economies of developed countries, first of all Europe and USA, but Asian markets also are showing great results. Only for the first quarter of 2017 IPO number has almost been doubled if comparing with the same period of previous year, amount of investments has considerably increased as well. The second quarter also showed good results. 

Number of companies which announced about their intensions to perform IPO in the closest future gives grounds to count on this new tendency to continue in the second half of this year. Among such companies there are such technological giants and worldwide famous companies leading in its fields as Airbnb, Dropbox, Blue Apron, Pinterest, Spotify and others. Securities of all these companies raise great interest of investors. 

Another reason for optimism is finished cycle of important elections in Europe and USA. All main countries have determined direction of their further development and this means that period of complete political uncertainty has come to an end. Despite the fact that some threats still remain, investors fill more confident than a year ago. 

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