What to consider before going to an IPO

The purpose of any placement of shares on the market is to obtain the necessary investments for further growth and development of the company. The process of preparing for an IPO is time-consuming and expensive, and even a small mistake can lead to hard-to-get consequences.

Experts of the Five Winds Asset Management investment fund have prepared a list of factors that need to be considered when preparing the company for an IPO. All of them have a colossal influence on the outcome of the placement of shares, and whether investors will be satisfied. 

The first step that cannot be underestimated is the preparation of all the necessary documents. They should include not only a detailed business plan, but also a mission and vision for further business development, including very specific indicators - from the level of profitability to the estimated market share and analysis of the competitive environment.

It is also important to fairly assess all the assets that your company owns, both physical and intellectual. The technology developed by you may be unique, but it is important that it finds its niche.

The next step is choosing the right stock exchange for placing shares. Everyone has their own characteristics, and sometimes in a separate case, for example, New York is more effective than London.

Finally, it is important to get acquainted with the experience of others by reading the stories of a successful and failed IPO. It is always right to learn from other people's mistakes.

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