Europe's largest port launches Blockchain Research Laboratory

The Dutch port of Rotterdam, the largest shipping hub in Europe, opens a research laboratory dedicated to Blockchain technology.

Designed as a "knowledge center for the regional private sector" focused on applied research, the so-called "BlockLab" is created by the joint efforts of the municipality of Rotterdam and the port authorities to explore the potential of blockers in organizing port logistics and make cargo flows more efficient.

According to the press release, the first steps include the launch of Blockchain, developed in partnership with the cloud-based software company Exact and ABN AMRO bank, with the assistance of stock financing in the logistics sector of the port.

Maarten Struijvenberg, deputy mayor of Rotterdam for economic issues, commented: "In this huge uproar called “blockchain” there are actually not many full-featured applications. We want to change this with BlockLab. This is important, because we need real innovations to launch the future economy. And the blockchain will help us to realize them”.

However, not all of the research in BlockLab will be connected to the port. Interest in studying the blockchain is also due to the fact that it can give a boost to what is called an "energy transition". Thus, it can allow firms to trade in residual heat for electricity trading.

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