IPO market. Trends and prospects

According to world statistics, the situation with the IPO market in recent years is quite unpredictable. The number of transactions is unstable, which makes it impossible to predict accurately what will happen to the global IPO market in the next quarter of 2017. 
This uncertainty seriously hampered the business activity in the IPO market and in 2016. If in the third quarter of 2016 the number of deals declined qualitatively, compared to the second quarter, then, comparing the situation with the year 2015 of the same period, the indicators improved significantly.
Today, analysing the IPO market in 2017, we note a significant increase in the number of transactions, which indicates an improvement in the situation and increased stability in the global IPO market as a whole.
As for world trends, in the fourth quarter of 2016 the Asia-Pacific region was a leader. During this period, the countries of the Asia-Pacific region (APR) demonstrated outstanding results. At that time, there was a sharp increase (by 138%) in the value of transactions, which amounted to 24.2 billion US dollars, while the number of transactions (176) increased by 41%. During this reporting period, transactions in this region accounted for 69% of the total number of IPO transactions in the world and 53% of total attracted capital. In 2016, China was the dominant position, but lively activity was also observed in other APR countries: Japan, Australia and South Korea. 
If you analyse the US IPO market, it's easy to see that the third-fourth quarter of 2016 remained fairly calm. A total of 35 deals were made in the amount of 6.4 billion US dollars, which is an insignificant amount. But already in 2017, according to current statistics, the USA is the most attractive and promising for the global IPO market. Also in 2017, the importance on the IPO market and the EMEIA region (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa) is increased.
Taking all the aforesaid into consideration, it should be noted that in 2017, compared with previous years, there has been a significant increase in the number of transactions in the global IPO market, which indicates an improvement in the situation of the IPO market in all countries and the opening, in the near future, of new promising horizons for business players.

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