Five Winds Asset Management Fund has concluded a contract with a marketing broker

Five Winds Asset Management Investment fund announced the conclusion of an agreement with the marketing broker QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA. This agreement will allow the fund to focus on its immediate activities, transferring to a new partner the work on advertising and promoting its product.  

The company QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA appeared on the market of consulting and advertising services not so long ago, but already from the start it was able to unite in its team many well-proven professionals working in this field for more than one year. Their professionalism will help Five Winds Asset Management to increase investment volumes and attract investors from Europe and the rest of the world.

The main areas of activity of Five Winds Asset Management are investing, bringing companies to IPOs, managing capital and assets, improving companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy, supporting promising start-ups.  

The Five Winds Asset Management Fund is optimistic about the agreement, expecting that the active stage of cooperation will begin in September of this year. At the moment, we are working on additional details of the deal, which will help to establish a clear and effective interaction between the two companies.  

After beginning of joint work with QW Lianora Swiss Consulting SA, the Five Winds Asset Management Fund is launching a program of extensive development, which envisages a multiple growth of projects being implemented and an increase in the volume of the investment pool.

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