Five Winds Asset Management Fund starts supporting startup projects

The investment fund Five Winds Asset Management, whose main activities are the launch of companies on an IPO, asset and capital management, the recovery of companies on the verge of bankruptcy, announces the launch of a large-scale program to support start-ups.  

The support program for start-ups means large-scale investments that will be invested in the most promising, mostly high-tech and related to financial technologies.

The total amount of investments at the moment is not disclosed. According to the management of the fund, this figure will depend on the state of the market and the number of start-ups that can offer not only the original product, but also sufficient expertise to launch it. 

In turn, the fund will provide start-ups with the funds necessary to implement the approved business plan, as well as provide them with highly qualified consulting.

The startup support program is the timely reaction of the Five Winds Asset Management to the changed global business landscape. Many largest and most successful companies have recently started as startups. Investments in such projects are able not only to bring huge profits, they also allow to change for the better the state of the world economy and are the engine of the development of new technologies.

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