Five Winds Asset Management

Entering the IPO

The entering of companies the IPO, consulting and legal support for them in this process is the main activity of the Five Winds Asset Management. Our team consists of experts who have extensive experience in these matters and participated in the floatation of many European companies whose shares are successfully traded now. 

For a competent entering of companies the IPO, close cooperation with professionals who are aware of all probable difficulties and can help to avoid a collision with problems is necessary.

Capital management

Five Winds Asset Management experts are experienced market players, whose professionalism allows them to make only the most profitable investment. Their expertise will help our investors repeatedly multiply their capital. Investments will be dedicated to prospective projects, as well as for support of start-ups.

Asset management

Members of our team took part in the management of enterprises from various business areas. We have enough experience to optimize the business processes occurring in the company, to increase the efficiency of operations and to provide the owners with the maximum profit.  

If necessary, we prepare a plan for restructuring the business and advise on the possibility of turnaround.